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Customs Regulations

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Welcome to the Visa Processing Centre in London. Please follow the requirements below to apply for your entry visa to United States

United States Customs Information

The following goods may be imported by visitors over 21 years of age into the USA without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 2kg of smoking tobacco or proportionate amounts of each.
• 1l of alcoholic beverage if 21 or over.
• Gifts or articles up to a value of US$400.

(a) Items should not be gift-wrapped, and should be available for customs inspection. (b) For information about the importation of pets, refer to the brochure Pets, Wildlife - US Customs, available at US Embassies and Consulates. (c) Further information on US customs regulations is available online (website: 

Note: Gold coins, medals and bullion, formerly prohibited, may be brought into the USA, except from embargoed countries (see below).

Prohibited Imports
The following are either banned or may only be imported under license:
(a) Narcotics and dangerous drugs, unless for medical purposes (doctor’s certificate required). (b) Absinthe, biological materials, some seeds, fruits and plants (including endangered species of plants and vegetables and their products). (c) Firearms and ammunition (with some exceptions - consult the Customs website). (d) Hazardous articles (fireworks, toxic materials), including matches and match books (unless packed tightly in a closed container). (e) Meat and poultry products - fresh, dried or canned. (f) Any fish (unless certified as disease free) or their eggs, unless canned, pickled or smoked. (g) Dairy products and eggs. (h) Cuban cigars, brought from any country. (i) Wildlife and endangered species, including crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, game and hunting trophies and crafted articles of any part thereof. (j) Dog and cat fur. (k) Some art and artifacts. (l) Imports from Iran and leather souvenirs from Haiti (eg drums). (m) Some automobiles. (n) More than one article (limited to once every 30 days) displaying a counterfeit or confusingly similar logo to trademarked and copyrighted articles. (o) Merchandise from embargoed countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Libya, and Sudan; information materials (pamphlets, books, tapes, films and recordings) are permitted. Items of archaeological, historical religious or scientific importance that are illegally removed from specific locations in Iraq.


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